Rasmussen MR01 initial chair for Gubi. 


Created by woodworker Mathias Steen Rasmussen, the MR01 initial chair unites traditional craftsmanship with original ideas to create a form that is familiar and yet strikingly modern. Executed in oak and natural linen rope. The open triangle profile of the frame is constructed without a single screw, relying instead on artisanal cabinet-making techniques such as finger joints and wedged mortise and Tenon joints. This approach makes its construction and materiality entirely visible, lending the piece a sense of honesty and highlighting the craftsmanship involved. The Chair is hand-woven from 90 meters of rope, using a method Rasmussen developed himself, which locks the rope into the frame. The rope fastens in place simply by running through four holes, in a manner that is rustic and yet elegant and understated.


Price is per item. In-stock lead-time 10-12 weeks. Out of stock lead time can take several weeks more. Availability can change at any time. Made to order.

Rasmussen MR01 Initial Chair for GUBI

  • CREATOR:  Gubi (Manufacturer)

    DIMENSIONS: Height: 26.96 in. (68.48 cm), Width: 25.6 in. (65.03 cm), Depth: 34.65 in. (88.02 cm), Seat Height: 13.19 in. (33.51 cm)

    STYLE: Mid-Century Modern (In the Style Of)


    PLACE OF ORIGIN: Denmark

    PERIOD: 21st Century

    DATE OF MANUFACTURE: Contemporary

    PRODUCTION TYPE: New & Custom (Current Production)