Split Grain Floor Standing Light Sculpture

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Split Grain Custom for Thierry-1.jpg
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Split Grain Floor Standing Light Sculpture


This Split Grain illuminated sculpture reveals the elemental form and grain in a piece of reclaimed California Incense Cedar. Fascinating details and hidden beauty are revealed from light emitting from the center of the sculpture, flowing out from each individual slice suspended on a thin aluminum armature. The warm light traces the contours of the wood capturing beautiful patterns from all angles.

This floor standing light sculpture was made with a piece of reclaimed California Incense Cedar and stands at a human scale of 5'6" on a hand made steel stand.  The ornate contours of the grain are accentuated by the 6 independent LEDs installed in the top and bottom creating a lighting effect that gently trails from either end towards the middle.  It is connected via a 6 foot woven black cloth cord exiting from the bottom of the piece, finished with a foot switch and 2 prong plug 115v AC (also compatible with international voltages).

The wood for this piece came from a reclaimed California Incense Cedar tree from the Angeles National Forest just north of Los Angeles. An area of this forest was decimated by wildfires in 2009 leaving very little behind. Vegetation was destroyed and most trees were burned. Trees that survived the fire were left at 5,000-6,000 feet elevation and dried standing up with their thick charred bark. This natural drying environment produced a result akin to kiln drying. The National Forest Foundation has been clearing trees from the area as they restore the site, a part of the Treasured Landscape campaign and it was from their work I was allowed to reclaim this beautiful, mildly aromatic wood for my sculptures.

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Overall dimensions 7"x7"x44" (WxDxH)