Large 'Flindt' Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light for Louis Poulsen.


A circular, wall-mounted fixture that brings bold, sculptural illumination to both indoor and outdoor spaces. The slim, elliptical lamp has a floating appearance that, paired with the warm glow, creates a soothing and welcominrg atmosphere wherever it shines. An opening at the top sends light from two LED bulbs down the front of the fixture, illuminating the surrounding space and creating a subtle, glowing ring of reflected light along the fixture’s rim. A portion of the light is also distributed up and back, creating an indirect lighting component in the shape of a half-moon. These multiple effects create attractive and subtle, yet strong, luminance as well as a warm, inviting ambiance. The Flindt Wall can be placed at any level based on the desired effect and location. Indoors, it’s ideal for entryways, hallways, stairwells, and other spaces that call for gentle illumination. Outdoors, it mounts beautifully on any wall to light up terraces, yards, driveways – and of course the walls and buildings themselves.


Copenhagen-based lighting designer Christian Flindt worked with a combination of software, 3D printing, and metal casting to ensure the ideal balance between proportions, curves, and light in the three sizes of the Flindt Wall. From the side, the Flindt Wall resembles a slim ellipse consisting of two overlapping ovals. The oval shape is lifted off the mounting surface, giving the fixture a light, floating appearance. Executed in cast aluminum with a polycarbonate diffuser and galvanized steel mounting structure.


Price is per item. Available in 3 sizes and color options (aluminum gray, white, and corten-colored).


Small: 7.9 inches in diameter x 2.4 inches deep

Medium: Wall 11.8 inches in diameter x 3.1 inches deep

Large: 15.7 inches in diameter x 3.9 inches deep. 


In-stock lead time 2-3 weeks. Out-of-stock lead time up to an additional 8 weeks or more. Please note that inventory can change at any time. For time-sensitive orders, please inquire prior to purchasing. All sales are final.

Flindt Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light for Louis Poulsen

  • CREATOR: Louis Poulsen (Manufacturer), Christian Flindt (Designer)

    PRODUCTION TYPE: Current Production

    PRODUCTION TIME: It will take 2-3 weeks to make this piece

    IN THE STYLE OF: Mid-Century Modern

    PLACE OF ORIGIN: Denmark


    PERIOD: 21st Century

    MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic

    CONDITION: Excellent

    CONDITION DETAILS: UL Wet Location Listed. Mounts directly to finished surface over a recessed 4 inch octagonal junction box. COB style LEDs in 2700K or 3000K, CRI = 90;. 2000 lumens.


    • Small-- 7.9 inches in diameter x 2.4 inches deep
    • Medium-- 11.8 inches in diameter x 3.1 inch deep
    • Large--15.7 inches in diameter x 3.9 inch deep.