'Flindt Garden' Outdoor Bollard Light for Louis Poulsen. A highly refined fixture that brings bold, sculptural illumination to outdoor spaces. Introduced in 2021, the Flindt Garden Bollard is the latest addition to the Flindt family, developed by the award-winning Danish designer and architect Christian Flindt in collaboration with Louis Poulsen.


The simple aesthetics of the durable bollard have, together with the functional and comfortable lighting, made Flindt Bollard a modern outdoor icon.


Specially designed to be easy to install on-site to significantly improve light quality and design in both residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Flindt Garden Bollards can be expanded with up to six bollards, each placed as far as five meters apart, and really stand out in repetitive installations.


Copenhagen-based lighting designer Christian Flindt worked with a combination of software, 3D printing, and metal casting to ensure the ideal balance between proportions, curves, and light in two sizes of the Flindt Bollard. From the side, the Flindt Wall resembles a slim ellipse consisting of two overlapping ovals. The oval shape is lifted off the mounting surface, giving the fixture a light, floating appearance.


Executed in cast aluminum with a polycarbonate diffuser and galvanized steel mounting structure. 


Adapter must be installed by a qualified electrician. Price is per item; note the price varies according to size selected.


In-stock lead time 4-5 weeks. Out of stock lead time up to 12 weeks or more. Please note that in-stock availibility can change at any time.

'Flindt Garden' Outdoor Bollard Light for Louis Poulsen

SKU: M3030
  • CREATOR: Christian Flindt for Louis Poulsen

    COLORS: Natural Aluminum Gray, Corten Red

    SIZE/PRICE: 'Long' (43.3 inches high) ($1334) or 'Short' (31.5 inches high) ($624)

    LED OPTIONS: 2700k, 3000k, or 4000k integrated 6.5W

    MOUNTING OPTIONS: Base plate, anchor, or spike with the adapter. The adapter is located externally from the bollard and can drive up to six lamps. Maximum distance to the last bollard is 98.5 ft. Length of supplied cables: 16.5 feet. Uses standard cables and connectors provided. Connect and drive.

    ANCHOR/BRACKET/FOOTPLATE: Use the installation cable for legal fixed installation.